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26-29 April, Cyprus
Тема саммита

Финансовая отрасль в цифровую эпоху:
практика адаптации

Topic of the summit

Finance industry in the digital era:
adaptation practice

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

In 2017, the Bank Summit on Innovations and Development will be held for the 14th time.

Traditionally, the Summit gathers important members of the professional banking community, leading experts in finance and the IT industry, innovators with a fresh approach to the financial industry, and successful practitioners whose business cases help taking advantage of their successful experience. The Summit atmosphere and format create unique conditions for a successful professional dialog, fruitful discussions and development of all-system landmarks for the whole banking industry.

The topic of the Summit 2017 will be comprehensive discussion of the pressing issues of adaptation of banks and other financial institutions to digitalization. Dynamic technological growth does not only provide new opportunities, it also poses a threat to traditional income of the industry players. The primary mission of the XIV Summit will be search for development models and growth points in the conditions of digital transformation.

For the first time, the Summit framework will include a foresight session during which, in the form of a discussion, experts will try to predict the future of the industry.

We are gathering numbers, facts, case studies, new ideas and various expertise to present them at the Summit, and we are preparing a sharp dispute.

Topics of the discussion:
  • How can a bank profit from new technologies?
  • Financial industry regulation specifics
  • Banking IT today: revolution or evolution?
  • Payment industry at a new stage of development
  • "Digital inequality": myth or reality?
  • Can we speak of bank brand loyalty in the digital era?
  • Synthesis of remote banking and classic banking or, how to achieve efficiency in the omnichannel mode